Snapchat announced that Trump’s account will be closed


Donald Trump continues to suffer from social media platforms. Another obstacle to Donald Trump, who is currently blocked in many places, came from Snapchat. Snapchat joined the caravan of those who blocked Donald Trump by announcing that the account used by Trump will be closed.

The fire, sparked by the Congressional raid on January 6, continues to burn Trump day by day. Trump, who is seen as the number one responsible of the aforementioned events, continues to block one by one from social media companies. Just yesterday (January 13, 2021), new content uploaded to Trump’s YouTube channel was deleted, and the channel was prevented from uploading new videos for 1 week.

According to the reports in the American press; Snapchat, the social media platform with 306 million active users worldwide since its release on 8 July 2011, decided to close Trump’s account indefinitely, which it suspended for a short time last week. Snapchat also explained the reason for the decision it made for Trump.

Snapchat has announced that Trump’s account will be closed indefinitely, almost following the fashion trend of recent times. The statement made by Snapchat includes the following statements: “Considering the attempts to spread false and false information, we decided to permanently close Donald Trump’s account in order to prevent the spread of hate speech and incitement to violence in the name of public safety.”

It seems that things are not going well for Donald Trump. It would not be wrong to say that the former US president wakes up every day with another bad news. Previously, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit had decided to close or suspend Donald Trump’s accounts. It is a matter of curiosity how Donald Trump, who is prevented from reaching the masses as a result of these decisions, will make moves in the future.

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