Snap Layout: How to Resize and Organize Windows in Windows 11


Snap Layout: In late June, Microsoft announced the new version of its operating system for computers: Windows 11. Many aesthetic and functional aspects have already been disclosed, making the system reach 1% of computers even before the release of its definitive version.

One of the most awaited functions is the screen division on the desktop. Called ‘Snap Layout‘, a new feature in Windows 11 helps with the layout of windows, allowing you to organize multiple screens with ease.


1 — Place the mouse pointer on the Maximize/Minimize button of any window. The automatic resizing options will appear in a floating frame and you will be able to choose the position of the selected window

2 — Options vary depending on the monitor and allow you to divide the screen into up to four parts on traditional displays with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The function also supports ultrawide monitors natively, which ensures more organization options.

3 — When selecting an option, the resizing system will split the screen and suggest how to organize the other windows open on the monitor.

4 — Click and drag the floating windows to select the position of each element on the page.

In addition to being present in the Maximize/Minimize button, the function also works with the shortcut key Windows + Z.

Windows 11 is currently available in public beta and can be used by members of the Windows Insiders program. See how to participate and download the Microsoft system preview edition.