Smite Will Feature Stranger Things Themed Content


Smite: Expanding the amount of themed content present in Smite, Netflix announced, as part of Geeked Week (an event that the company announces this week to reveal news about its series associated, among other things, with the gaming world), that it will make available content from the Stranger Things franchise in the game mentioned.

According to the website Bolavip, the idea is that both characters and monsters from the series start to participate in the confrontations in the game (the names confirmed were Eleven and Hooper as “the good side” and Demorgorgon as one of the creatures). Apparently, these contents will be associated with the game’s Battle Pass and will work as skins for existing characters.


Another important detail is the fact that this content will apparently be available to the public from July 13th, when the new Battle Pass for the title will be released.

So, did you like the opportunity to see content related to the Netflix original series within the Smite universe? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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