SMITE receives Gilgamesh as a playable character


SMITE: Expanding the list of gods present in SMITE, the production company Titan Forge Games announced the addition of a new name to the list of combatants: Gilgamesh, which will represent the class of warriors bringing a lot of brute force to the confrontations.

“The entire Titan Forge team always seeks to improve the level of polish and detail for all the gods we have launched. Among the more than 100 playable characters, I believe the team has managed to make Gilgamesh unforgettable. With a spectacular flying kick and a powerful jump, he has a king-of-the-ring feel. In addition, his supreme ability conjures up a circular wind storm, trapping enemies inside, ”explained Alli Schatzer, senior game animator.

See a little of the character in action below:

SMITE is available in PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch versions.


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