Smash Legends: meet the 3D multiplayer game for mobile


A new 3D multiplayer action game developed by Line Games is about to arrive on Android and iOS. This is Smash Legends, a title that, by the way, already has early access on the PC.

The game will win a trial version on mobile platforms later this year, delivering action-packed 3-minute battles where the goal is simple: get the rival out of the arena.

Thanks to its intuitive controls, even players who are not familiar with this type of gambling will be able to have a great gaming experience, whether dueling via PC or on mobile.

You will be able to choose between several game modes, including individual duel, 3 on 3 capture point and Battle Royale with up to eight players, which shows a certain versatility during battles.

Smash Legends won a trial version in May last year, and the next beta is expected to deliver early access to some players to collect feedback before the stable version arrives.

We do not yet know when the soft-launch will take place, but at least there is information that the game will be free, possibly offering in-app purchases to support the business model.

The launch is expected for the first quarter of 2021 on the App Store, Google Play Store and Steam, ensuring support for multi-platform gameplay for everyone. In fact, it will be a game that can deliver a few hours of entertainment during these complicated times that we are going through.


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