Smash Bros Tournament Celebrates Premature Victory of Sora Player


What looks like the most hype received due to a single win in a Super Smash Bros. match. Ultimate at the Video Game Boot Camp tournament, could actually be random. This competitive multiplayer game attracts a large audience at esports events, creating a very chaotic and fun atmosphere for Super Smash Bros. fans. Ultimate.

Since its inception in 2008, the Video Game Boot Camp (VGBootCamps) channel on Twitch has hosted many live tournaments specifically for Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Like the DLC characters released for Super Smash Bros, it’s no surprise that fans keep coming back to watch and play.

The VGBootCamp match between the players Maistre and Onin started with Maistre using Sora and Onin as Steve. The match ends pretty quickly when Steve defeats Sora. The crowd can be seen cheering and booing. Maistre then changes his character to Game and Watch for the second match, but again loses to the hitherto invincible Steve and their combo.

Maistre switches back to Sora for the third match. It was the most intense match due to the fact that player Maistre won the round with Sora, seemingly taking advantage of a weakness in Steve’s defense. The score was 2 Odins against 1 Meister. However, during the celebration of the player with the crowd, the VGBootCamps production team seemed to forget that the match was still going on and prematurely released confetti that was supposed to mean the final victory. The commentators are heard calling on the production team, teasing, to “bring him back”, but as the production realized it was too late, they then state that the reason for the confetti was the recognition of Sora’s first victory in the history of Super Smash Bros. The tournament then progresses to the fourth and final round, where One wins as Steve.

Those who don’t want to get the full DLC and just play for Steve will be lucky, as Steve Amiibo will soon appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It would be wise for hardcore players not to underestimate Steve, as the character is ruthless in his unpredictable nature.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already available on the Nintendo Switch.


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