Smartwatches to be purchased on Consumer Day 2021


Consumer Day 2021 takes place on March 15th. The date that emerged to help consumers with their purchase rights gained new space when big stores decided to use the date to offer discounts and promotions.

Currently, one of the most sought-after products on dates like this are smarwatches and smartbands, which work to monitor physical activity, help control and measure your health and even have extra features, such as notifications.

If you are thinking of buying a smart watch on Consumer Day, check out our suggestions of which models to keep an eye on.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 SmartBand

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is one of the best selling smart wristbands in the world. In its fifth generation, this accessory is quite complete and brings a series of useful resources for those who want to monitor physical activities and other health indicators.

The Mi Band 5 is capable of recording exercises such as running, walking, gym and even swimming – thanks to its water resistance. The smart bracelet also monitors sleep and has a heart rate sensor. The accessory also has a stopwatch, countdown timer, smartphone notifications and weather forecast.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 SmartBand

This smart bracelet model from Samsung connects to the official app of the brand to track physical activities and also monitor other aspects of health, such as sleep, time off and heartbeat.

The Galaxy Fit2 has a look very similar to other wristbands on the market and one of the differentials is that this smart wristband has a wide variety of exercise modes.

Amazfit Band 5 SmartBand

Very similar to Mi Band 5, Amazfit Band 5 is a smart bracelet for those who want to follow their exercise routine with quality. The model has two interesting differentials: a sensor to calculate blood oxygenation and compatibility with Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent assistant.

In addition, Amazfit Band 5 is also capable of monitoring sleep, heart rate and various sports activities, such as running, outdoor training and water sports.


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