Smartwatch options for less than $ 300

If a conventional wristwatch helps you not be late for your appointments, a smart watch can offer you all the convenience related to the use of smartphones. From viewing information with more convenience, monitoring health and quality of sleep, to monitoring physical activities.

For lovers of radical activities, who enjoy venturing in inhospitable places, it is worth considering the purchase of a smartwatch with GPS, an extremely useful resource in an emergency.

With so many options on the market, you may be wondering what the best smartphone would be, according to your needs. To help you, we’ve listed six options for cheap smart watches. Check out.

Umidigi UFit Smartwatch

Umidigi UFit offers full connectivity with Bluetooth, NFC and 4G. For more security, it has a built-in GPS. In addition, it has heart rate monitoring, sleep quality and automatic and real-time blood oxygenation. It is compatible with Android and iOS, and allows you to control your phone’s music and view notifications.

Haylou Solar Smartwatch

This Haylou model has Bluetooth and GPS, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, breathing training feature, stopwatch, cell phone music control, cell phone locator and reports on the weather. In addition, it is resistant to water and dust and is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Colmi P8 Smartwatch

With Bluetooth and 4G, the Colmi P8 smartwatch has heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen monitoring, as well as reminders, alarms and a feature that allows you to activate the phone’s camera (take a photo) from a distance. The model is water resistant.

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