Smartphones: how to fight addiction to phones?


This is an undeniable fact, we are all more and more focused on our smartphones. A growing addiction that does not seem on the decline. How to fight against this temptation?

Just see what buzz created the release of each new iPhone to see how much we are increasingly addicted to our smartphones. There are not many who resist this fad of the new century and we almost all have one of these smart touch phones. A problem when we know that these screens are harmful.

But then, how to fight against this growing addiction? There are many ways to stop, or at least reduce, the daily use of the smartphone. Everyone has his little techniques, his advice that must be adopted to get time out of his phones. But a Google employee looked into the issue. He proposes a small technique to those who want to stop this practice. And that’s amazing to say the least.

And yes, a former Google employee, Tristan Harris, talked about small methods to manage his addiction to smartphones. In addition to some well-known techniques like switching to airplane mode or disabling apps, he has an amazing and unusual board.

According to him, changing his screen to grayscale mode would be beneficial. This makes the content a lot less attractive and more dull. The brain seems less stimulated and we lose interest in his phone. A useful tip that is at least worth trying. To stop his addiction to smartphones, as much to disgust. This may seem effective in any case.

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