Smartphone To Play Free Fire: 6 Basic And Intermediate Models


Smartphone: One of the most downloaded mobile games on the App Store and Google Play lists is Garena Free Fire. The game is an online Battle Royale and can be purchased for free at the app stores for Android or iOS, in addition to being able to emulate on the computer.

Due to its popularity, and the growing use of smartphones to play games, the question of how to choose the best smartphone to play Free Fire may arise. In this sense, before buying a new cell phone, it is important to know what are the minimum requirements for this game.

For Android, you must have at least version 4.0 Ice Cream and an Intel Quad-Core processor or higher. Already Apple devices, the prerequisite is to have from iOS 8.0. Both need 1 GB of RAM and 600 MB of available storage.

With these minimum requirements, the list of devices available on the market does not decrease much. So, which smartphone to buy to play Free Fire? We have gathered 6 options, from basic to intermediate.

Smartphone LG K52, 64GB

Smartphone Motorola Moto G9, 64GB

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, 128GB


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