Smartphone production increased by nearly 800%


The smartphone market has become one of the most popular in recent years and with the biggest growth in comparisons year on year. A study released this week by Cuponation revealed that, since 2010, there has been an 800% increase in the production of handsets around the globe.

According to the data released in the survey, if we look at the projection of smartphone production between 2019 and 2023, it is estimated that this growth will be 8.28% (in addition to a 45% positive variation in sales in this five-year period) years old). However, when we observe this production since 2010, the number of devices manufactured increases to approximately 800%.

As the research was carried out this year, it does not reach a projection on this scenario in 2021 (which explains its absence in the graph above and may be related to the coronavirus pandemic). On the other hand, the same survey states that 2022 will be the year with the largest production and sale of devices, reaching 1.57 billion units and falling to 1.48 billion in 2023.


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