Smartphone Manufacturer Nubia Announces New Logo and Brand Vision


Smartphone manufacturer Nubia announced its new logo and brand vision with a video it published. While changing its logo, Nubia announced that it will produce smart hardware besides smartphones from now on.

Niubi, the company president of Nubia, announced Nubia’s new logo and brand vision with a blog post. Ni Fei announced the new logo and announced that Nubia will enter the smart hardware field from now on.

The president of the company announced that Nubia has officially launched a new look, a new logo and a new brand vision. In the statement of Ni Fei, “Gen Z period has come. Nubia brand ecology will bring a new order in the field of smart hardware to create a smarter, younger and more stylish lifestyle. What do you look forward to the most? said.

This is how the old company logo of Nubia was
The old logo of Nubia had a more graphic design. Nubia brand has been made more readable with a new font in the new logo. The red circle, which has now become the symbol of the company, seems to have been removed from the logo. The red ring of Nubia will continue to live in supporting images from now on.

New logo, new brand vizon
The “Be Yourself” brand vision, launched with the new logo, points to the smart hardware area Nubia will enter. Ni Fei says that they will start producing new smart hardware, but it is not yet clear what Nubia will be the first smart hardware to produce after smartphones.

Nubia, which lags behind its rivals in terms of competing in smart hardware competition, will want to enter the market with ambitious smart products. For this reason, smart televisions, one of the popular products of today, may be the first product of Nubia other than smart phones.

Introductory video of Nubia’s new logo and brand vision:


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