Smartphone Huawei is on the verge of withdrawal from the market 8 years ago


Huawei, one of the biggest names in the smartphone field recently, has had quite a bad time before achieving this reputation. Only a few years ago, Huawei was on the verge of giving up, Richard Yu, the company’s chairman, said.

Chinese company Huawei, smart phone is one of the first names that come to mind. Although the company has been having problems with the US government for some time, it has not diminished the popularity of the brand’s products. Huawei’s devices are sold in almost every part of the world with great interest.

But this was not always the case. In a video about the company’s infrastructure and products, Huawei was on the verge of withdrawing from the smartphone market eight years ago, according to customer service manager Richard Yu.

According to the statement, Huawei’s business was in poor condition, and it seemed a pointless effort for the company to continue with the same understanding. In the part of the video that started at 2:50, Richard Yu made the following statement:

“8 years ago, Huawei’s business wasn’t working. Our company was trying to get out of this market. At that time, Huawei was producing low-quality and low-priced products, and the customer experience was not good. It was a bold decision. ”

What does the company promise about the future?
Richard Yu also stated that the company will continue to rise and continued his remarks as follows:

“No matter how good we are, we always think about how we can improve and do better. Despite the problems that undermine our business, I believe that the brand has the potential to continue to develop.”

The brand’s smartphones continue to evolve as time goes on. The products are equipped with state-of-the-art mobile features. Huawei has challenged brands that think it will win every time, and has become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer thanks to its investments in quality.

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