“Smartphone Generation Will Value Bitcoin (BTC)”


Anthony Pompliano spoke with Barstool star Caleb Pressley about Bitcoin on his “Off the Chain” podcast. Pressley shared a story about how he was a fan of Bitcoin and why the next “digital generation” could value and adapt to Bitcoin.

Entering Bitcoin and Losing Everything in 2017

Caleb Pressley, a North Carolina Tar Heels football team and sports content creator at Barstool Sports, proved to be a fan of Bitcoin.

It entered the Bitcoin for the first time in 2017, when BTC quickly reached new heights. Pressley entered Bitcoin after winning $ 100 in BTC.

However, when BTC growth slowed later, some started tracking 300 percent altcoins. Although his friends tried to persuade him to stick to BTC, he decided to move all his money from Bitcoin to altcoins and eventually lost all his money on the bear market.


Why will Bitcoin be popular among future generations?

Speaking about the popularity of Bitcoin and the possible reasons for its future adoption, Caleb Pressley said there is a smartphone generation (young people talking to each other through Snapchat while sitting in the same room) who are likely to appreciate Bitcoin.

Pressley believes the world is moving towards being either fully digital or digital. He mentioned Twitter and TikTok, and since Twitter is a reflection of the real, non-digital world; He said it might be on the way out, unlike TikTok or YouTube. Pressley also stated that he hates Twitter and only uses it for business.

As Bitcoin is now considered a storehouse of value by many millenniums and Generation Z, Caleb said that all value is turning to digital, and it will be natural for young people to store.

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