Smartphone concept with changing back color from Vivo


Vivo has produced one of the most interesting phones we have ever seen. The video published on the Chinese social network Weibo and highlighted by the Android Authority confirms the new phone. The color of the back of the phone, which has not been given a name or release date yet, changes when a button is pressed.

The company says it achieves this dizzying effect using electro rhythmic glass. One Plus used the same technology in Concept One, the concept phone, where the rear camera was hidden when it was not used. In the design that OnePlus showed to CES 2020, the electrical signal allowed the glass to pass between transparent and opaque structure. In Vivo’s application, this technology is taken further and the color of the back glass of the phone is changed. This makes things more fun.

We are used to seeing phones with a back design that changes to a different color when exposed to light. For example, Huawei P20 Pro was one of the first pioneers of this trend. In Vivo’s concept, there is no need for a light for this interesting situation. When you press the button on the side, the color on the back changes from white to blue, and you can see lilac hues for a short time.

The design of the phone, where Vivo demonstrates this concept, is very similar to the latest flagship X50. Will we see a special version of this phone with changing back color soon? We have to wait a little longer for the answer to this question.


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