Smarter with Pajamas on Cravity ‘Flame’ Video Application


CRAVITY presents cute dance practices using pajama for the dance practice of their new single, “Flame“.

On September 6 at 9 p.m. South Korean time. This rookie boy group under Starship Entertainment has uploaded the pajama version of the dance practice video of the latest main song via their official YouTube channel.

Instead of showing off their cool choreography, this time CRAVITY prefers to use a moving camera capture system and show lots of aegyo or their cute behavior.

What makes this video even more special for fans is that they use their nightwear made of flannel, as if they want to greet fans right after they wake up.

In the previous news, CRAVITY had already got their first trophy win with their 1st comeback song also on September 1st.

To celebrate, just watch CRAVITY’s dance practice video performing their latest song using a pajama.

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