The smart way to diagnose Corona virus: Closet!


Scientists are developing new measures and diagnostic methods against the Corona virus. According to the article published in Nature magazine, which is a famous and reliable source, germ analysis can be done from human feces. Scientists who come across with the smart toilet solution mention that this method has different aspects. Can smart toilet closet make it easier to detect epidemic diseases such as Corona virus?

Germ monitoring will be done with smart toilet
According to primarily research, the Corona virus is said to be involved in the sewage system through feces. In connection with this, it can be transported to other places through feces, although it does not appear to be contaminated by sewage into the mains water and spread to any human. This still reveals some risks.

In countries where waste water samples are taken and tested, especially in the Netherlands, some risks have emerged, but here we find cleanliness. Turkey as well as many television channels are now transferred in the importance of washing hands often and what needs to be done.

If we go back to the article published in Nature magazine, thanks to the smart toilet system developed here, one’s stool can be analyzed. In this way, it is said that this practical method can be used even for Corona virus in the following days. Researchers from Stanford University developed an experimental toilet bowl idea. The smart toilet system, which provides data collection for urine and stool analysis, identifies users with fingerprints and anal pressure movements.

For a long time, researchers have been conducting research and studies on the habits of going to the toilet. The scientists who decide to follow the action of going to the toilet, which is routine for every healthy individual, are working on the diagnosis of stool-transportable diseases such as Corona virus with the experimental smart toilet system. In the published article, interesting results appear in the experiment, which was conducted with 21 participants in total for 1 month.

Based on a high-tech based system, the toilet seat is able to analyze by observing the user’s movements. Researchers who wanted to collect data added pressure sensors and cameras for video recording to this smart toilet. The recorded data and images are stored in a private cloud system and only certain people can access them.

This idea, which can disturb many people, may still be important in diagnosing some diseases. With this method, it is aimed to detect the diseases such as infection, cancer and diabetes in advance.

The most interesting aspect of the smart toilet can be shown as the presence of a special fingerprint reader in the siphon system and the anus recognition system.

Researchers say the whole point is to get a personalized health analysis. Even though it is rather strange, the interesting combination of science and technology still seems to have gathered in this idea.


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