Smart Watches with Wear OS Began to Send Hand Wash Alerts


Wear OS, developed by Google for smart watches, has a new feature to protect against coronavirus pandemics. Thanks to this feature, smart watches will remind you to wash your hands periodically.

Our hands are among the most important parts to be considered in the fight against coronavirus. Our hands, which we touch many different places every day, can also take harmful viruses such as coronavirus through our mouth and nose and cause us to become infected. For this reason, experts remind us that we have to wash our hands frequently, especially in recent months.

Google, who wants to make a contribution in this regard, has brought a new update to the operating system Wear OS, which it uses in its smart watches. Thanks to this update, your smart watch attached to your wrist will remind you to wash your hands periodically. In this way, Google aims to give its users the habit of washing hands.

Hand washing proposal will be made in 3 hour periods
Smart watches with the Wear OS operating system will give 40-second alerts to wash your hands during the day. These warnings will appear in 3 hours intervals. This feature added to smart watches with V.5.4.0 update, if you still have not come to your smart watch, you can download the update by clicking here.

You can disable it if you want
Google also introduces the feature to disable the feature for users who do not want to be constantly alerted to their smart watch. A more effective protection against coronavirus may have been achieved with the warning system, which we think is a useful feature especially for those who work at an intense tempo and forget to wash their hands.

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Wear OS will remind you to wash your hands!

How can we protect from coronavirus?
There are a few things to consider to avoid coronavirus. One of these is the habit of hand washing. Our hands, which we take the environment and take to our mouth, must be constantly washed. According to experts, we need to wash our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Another point to be considered against coronavirus is to use disposable gloves and masks, especially in places where many people visit such as the market. Most of the masks don’t prevent viruses from infecting us greatly, but if we have a virus, it can prevent us from spreading it to the community.

Apart from these measures, the most important measure is to protect social isolation. Experts who say that we should not leave the house unless we have to, think that by following this rule, we will get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic much faster.


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