Smart watches “Apple Watch Ultra” worth 28 thousand Turkish lira are sold in Turkey (money on smart watches even with one strap …)


The Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch, which will be sold for 27,999 Turkish lira, has arrived in Turkey. Watches with impressive features can already be purchased on the official Apple website.

The American technology giant Apple presented its new products at the Far Out event on September 7. While the product that marked the occasion was undoubtedly the iPhone 14, Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra, which is at least as expensive as the iPhone, was among the products that stood out. Now an important event has happened with regard to these smart watches. Apple Watch Ultra is officially presented in Turkey.

The Apple Watch Ultra has some great features. Smart watches, similar in design to the standard Apple Watch Series 8, are unique in their functions. So much so that the 49mm titanium case of this smartwatch doesn’t tell me whether it’s hot or cold. In addition, the Apple Watch Ultra is waterproof up to 100 meters. Offering up to 36 hours of battery life during normal use and up to 60 hours in low-power mode, the smartwatch also has all the health features of the Apple Watch Series 8.

The watch is so strong that it broke the table in the strength test!

The Apple Watch Ultra is really different from the smartwatches we are used to. Maybe we have readers who remember; In the news we shared with you last week, we talked about the Apple Watch Ultra reliability test. The smartwatch, which was attacked with a hammer, remained intact, although the table on which they were standing was broken, and nothing even happened to their screen. This was due to the fact that the watch was designed with a display made of heavy-duty sapphire crystal.

Apple Watch Ultra, which has all these features, can already be purchased by consumers in Turkey. In context; A citizen who has lost 27,999 Turkish lira will be able to access the Apple Watch Ultra through the official Apple website. Finally, let’s say that the Apple Watch Ultra, which came to our country, have three color options, and you can buy the one you like from 9 different strap models. The prices for the cord are listed as 1,999 Turkish lira.


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