Smart watch with bezel-less display is coming: Rollme Hero


We can say that we no longer see frames on the screens of smartphones. Unfortunately, this is not the case for smartwatches, a revolution is happening for meticulously manufactured smart watch displays. Rollme firm has rolled up its sleeves for the frameless screen smart watch. The model, called Rollme Hero, will push the limits of smart watches.

Details about Rollme Hero, which will be the first example of smart watches with a bezel-less screen, are in our news.

Rollme Hero introduced, the first smart watch with a bezel-less display

We can say that it was a surprise that such a design came from Rollme. The Rollme Hero model, which has a cornerless screen design, has a completely frameless screen. Stating that manufacturing such a screen design requires great engineering effort, Rollme shared the preliminary details about the new watch on the website.

We can say that the watch is quite simple and pleasant in design. The absence of a bezel allows both the digital and analog clock to be visible on the screen. Other stats and icons are not cramped on the screen either.

In addition, there will be LTE support, water and dust resistance per hour. Unfortunately, technical details other than these were not shared.

In the company’s previous smart watches, a Mediatek processor was generally used, and this model will probably also have a Mediatek processor. We are unlikely to have a Wear OS operating system on the watch, probably a custom operating system will be featured on this watch.


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