Smart watch produced for e-sports players!


The e-sports smartwatch helps the E-sports player optimize their habits for better performance. It was also produced to give viewers an idea of ​​the actor’s biometrics during broadcast.

Instinct E-sports smartwatch features

Garmin has produced a smart watch that transmits data from the watcher’s watch to enable gamers to play with heart rate and stress data. Along with these features, of course, sleep tracking is included so gamers can check if they are getting enough rest. There is also a dedicated game timer for tracking game times and scheduling breaks.

User data is automatically synchronized with the Garmin Connect app, where you can see how different daily habits affect performance and how your body reacts to different conditions and changes in your daily routine.

“We aim to let players see the change in their sleep patterns or activity levels and also be used to make changes in their daily lives,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s Vice President of Sales.

Since the smart watch is also lightweight, the watch cannot be detected on the wrist and does not distract while playing games. It also claims a maximum battery life of three days in Esports mode and up to two weeks in smartwatch mode. It also provides users with access to e-mail, text messages and application notifications via the wrist.

The tag price of the smart watch produced for e-sports players is set at $ 299.


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