Smart watch for extreme sports enthusiasts from Honor


Honor launched its MagicWatch 2 smartwatch in late 2019. The Chinese manufacturer is now preparing to add a new product to its smart watch portfolio. The target audience of this smart watch, which will be named Honor Watch GS Pro, is outdoor sports enthusiasts.

In the post from Honor for the new smart watch, there are literary expressions such as “mountains call urban people” and “there is always a way for those who seek”. While it is stated that Honor Watch GS Pro will be released soon, it is also stated that the watch will offer “endless possibilities of life” to its users.

The first comment under Honor’s post came from CEO of the company, George Zhao. Stating that he is using the watch, Zhao stated that the testing processes continue and the watch offers very powerful features for outdoor sports.

Technical details about the Honor Watch GS Pro remain unclear for now. However, it will not come as a surprise that the features of the MagicWatch 2 will be improved a bit more in the new watch. For example, increasing the battery life to around 14 days while smart features are active will satisfy many users.

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