Smart Watch Facebook Will Launch For Sale Next Year


Social media giant Facebook plans to expand its range of devices and offer its own smart watch for sale next year. Details about the smart watch are currently very limited.

Facebook has become more than just a social media platform today, it has become a technology company. The company has contributed greatly to the virtual reality world, especially with the Oculus company, which it acquired in 2014. According to a new shared report, Facebook plans to add its smart watch to its hardware.


According to the news shared by The Information, the smart watch to be produced by Facebook will be an Android operating system based smart watch. However, it is not yet known whether the operating system in the watch will be Google’s Wear OS operating system or another system, but there is a claim that can enlighten us on this issue. It is claimed that the smart watch in question will start selling next year.


Facebook will produce a smartwatch:

According to what is stated in the rest of the news, the smart watch of the giant company will focus on health and fitness features with messaging support. Allegedly, Facebook plans to develop its own operating system for the devices it will manufacture. Thus, the company can create its own ecosystem entirely in the future. There is currently no statement from the company for the smart watch.


Facebook currently produces Oculus virtual reality headsets and Portal video call devices. However, the company continues to work on Ray-Ban smart glasses and the augmented reality initiative we know as Project Aria. The company’s smart glasses are expected to show up later this year.

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The work of the social media giant to produce its own device is not a secret. The company has more than 6,000 employees for this matter. These employees are working on various augmented and virtual reality projects and existing Oculus and Portal devices.


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