‘Smart Surface’ That Increases Wi-Fi Signal 10 Times From MIT


Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a special smart surface. This smart surface, called RFocus, can increase the Wi-Fi signal quality up to 10 times. Experts who want to make this smart surface a wallpaper want the product to become widespread.

With the widespread use of smartphones and devices connected to the Internet, Wi-Fi also gained great importance. Users can easily access the internet thanks to the wireless feature of their internet modems. However, this access is unfortunately not unlimited in width, and sometimes even a wall interferes with its Wi-Fi quality.

Scientists, who continue their work within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have produced a special “smart surface” that can root out the Wi-Fi quality problem. Called “RFocus”, this smart surface can increase the Wi-Fi signal quality up to 10 times.

RFocus produced by MIT
RFocus can double the channel capacity and ten times the signal strength. This special surface, on the one hand, can work like a lens, on the other hand, it works like a mirror. In this way, even the smallest devices that need Wi-Fi connection can provide internet access both stably and in a quality way. MIT’s smart surface performs these operations thanks to its more than 3,000 tiny antennas.

Experts note that the only advantage of RFocus is not a wider Wi-Fi zone. So much so that this system is both very cheap and consumes very little energy compared to today’s Wi-Fi retrofit systems.

Venkat Arun, one of the lead authors of the research, did not make a statement on when this particular surface could begin to be used. Arun is more hopeful than the surface they have developed and wants to continue his work for a while and make this smart surface a cheap wallpaper. Arun emphasizes that they want RFocus to reach everyone around the world.

We can say that the last study of scientists who continue their studies under MIT is very important for internet access. Because internet usage is becoming more and more widespread every day and consumers want to provide the highest quality internet access possible. RFocus seems to easily fulfill this desire of consumers.


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