Smart Shoe Insole Winning Prize in FIFA Mobile As You Play Football


Adidas, Google and EA Sports have produced a smart insole that will delight football fans. The lining placed in the shoes gives gifts on FIFA Mobile as they play football.

Wearable technological products have been used for a long time. Although smart wristbands and watches are among the most preferred wearable technological products, companies working on this sector continue to develop new wearable technological products. The years to come seem to increase both the scope and functionality of wearable technological products.

Now to you; We will talk about a new wearable technological product developed in partnership with Google, Adidas and EA Sports. Basically, GMR smart lining, a fabric placed on the floors of the shoes, brings a unique approach to the activity tracking that almost every smart watch or wristband can do today. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at this wearable product, which also offers important advantages, without extending the word further.

GMR smart lining is placed on the sole of the shoe that you use while playing football and records your football experience. The product records details such as how much you run and how fast you hit the ball through a small chip. The companies, which have done a very detailed study, have also enabled the data in this smart liner to work with FIFA Mobile.

According to the information obtained, GMR smart liner enables gamers to earn gifts via FIFA Mobile with the data it saves. For example, if you hit the ball a certain number of times or run a certain distance while using this smart liner, you can improve your FIFA Ultimate team and unlock in-game gifts. However, the desired level is not reached at the point of data transfer.

Normally, a wearable technological product is expected to transfer data directly. However, the smart liner sends the data to the GMR application and then to FIFA Mobile. As such, gamers should be actively using both apps on their phones. It is not known whether this situation will change in the future.


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