Smart Room: 5 Products To Automate Your Environment


Smart Room: You don’t have to wait to have a futuristic-looking house. Today’s smart home systems already do a great job. Having an intelligent environment means having interconnected equipment, which can be controlled in a more practical and sophisticated way than with the traditional manual override.

Some of the control possibilities include voice commands, but some equipment still allows automated operation, in addition to others that can be remotely controlled, that is, even if you are not at home.

Some of the advantages of having a smart home are:

Practicality – Voice commands are very useful in many situations, such as when we are far from switches and we need to turn on all the lights in an environment;
Comfort – How about activating the air conditioning in your room with 10 minutes before you get home?;
Beauty – A smart lamp provides different colors, with numerous levels of brightness, which make the environment much more beautiful and cozy;
Savings – Having a smarter and more automated home can help you save on your energy bill, as it will be easier to turn off light bulbs when changing rooms or using them with less brightness.
Now, check out our product suggestions for anyone entering the smart home world!

Positive Smart Home Connected Home Kit
Smart Plug Wi-Fi Smart Socket I2GO
Elgin Smart Lamp
Echo Dot 3rd Generation with Alexa
Smarteck Smart Switch