Smart mask project that provides sound output from Razer


The coronavirus has been in our lives since the beginning of last year and there are thousands of products developed to protect against it. Masks come first among these products. While new and different masks are being offered for millions of people who are used to using masks, an interesting attack came from Razer, which attracted attention at the point of player equipment. Razer showed up at CES 2021 with the new N95 type smart mask developed under the name Project Hazel. This smart mask that provides sound output also looks very stylish.

Razer signed the mask that provides sound output as part of Project Hazel

Drawing attention with the accessories and hardware developed for the players, Razer has brought to light the project that it has been working on for a while within the scope of CES 2021. Razer, which set out to create a new alternative for millions of people who have to use masks within the scope of coronavirus, comes up with a very stylish and protective mask concept.

Razer Project Hazel

It provides sound output thanks to the sound system integrated on the N95 mask. It is possible to say that the mask, which has a built-in sound processing algorithm to make your voice sound clearer and more natural, is a highly preferable product for broadcast players.

Razer Project Hazel

Thanks to the internal LED system in the mask, the inside of the mask is lit in low light and makes the mouth part visible. As the name suggests, this mask, which is shown as part of the concept project, can go on sale in the future.

It has a charging box for both charging and sterilizing when the mask is not worn. This charging case can also disinfect the mask. Razer, which offers one of the smart mask solutions, has placed a different filtering system on this mask. In this way, the replaceable filters of the mask keep it sterile.

Introductory video for the mask:


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