Smart LED strip options for a smart home


With the emergence of the smart home concept, the interaction with the environments gained new features and trends, bringing more connectivity and practicality to the routine. In this way, it became possible to manage any room from an intuitive artificial intelligence.

And one of the items that has stood out the most for technology fans is the intelligent LED strip, which innovates the way of lighting rooms through its own effects, numerous colors, connectivity with various features and other unique functions.

Unlike smart lamps, which are already popular on the market, smart LED strips are still striving for space and are more popular with gamers. And today, we brought some suggestions for smart LED strips to make you think about the investment. Check out.

Philips HUE LED strip

With over 16 million lighting possibilities, the Philips HUE LED light strip allows full control of the color gradient by voice command, being compatible with all Alexa, Google Assistant and HUE devices, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Through a single touch, it is possible to switch the lighting to create environments with cold and warm colors, in addition to synchronizing with games, music and movies, giving a lively appearance to the environment. The ribbon, which comes in white, has easy installation and configuration, serving for all types of users, from the most demanding to the most casual.

Smart Conectoz LED Strip

The Conectoz RGB LED strip is one of the best cost-benefits on the market, bringing versatility and an easy and simple way to set up. With it, your smart home gains much more lighting value, with possibilities for all rooms and furniture, compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, intelligent programming with alarms and timers, and personalized experiences for every moment.

Smart Positive LED Strip

The Positivo Smart colored LED light strip brings all the comfort and facilities that any technology fan loves. With the maximum possible colors and tones, it is simple to adapt it to any piece of furniture or room thanks to its adjustable material, adapting perfectly to its 3 meters of extension. The LED strip brings settings for all times and is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Command Wizard.


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