‘Smart’ glasses that eliminate myopia in Japan


Although they are the ideal complement, those who have worn or wears glasses know that they are a rock: that if they get dirty, that if you take them off and no longer see -from near and / or far-, that if in summer they stick more to you. the skin … And above with the masks and the cold, it is to go out and have them all the time with the windows fogged up.

For this reason, many people decide for laser surgery treatment, a quick operation that allows you to get rid of glasses, although it is also quite invasive and that has many critical voices for and against. Do you want to take off your glasses but don’t want a laser plugged into your eye? Well, Japan has invented a new method, one that is non-invasive and as simple as doing what you want to stop doing: wearing glasses.

Kubota Glasses

Myopia is usually the result of the cornea and retina of the eye being too far apart. This prevents the proper focus of light as it enters the eye and makes distant objects appear blurry. In Asia they are prone to myopia. And according to the Japanese company Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings, they suffer from myopia:

– 96% of South Koreans

– 95% of Japanese

– 87% of Hong Kongers

– 85% of Taiwanese

– 82% of Singaporeans

For this reason, Kubota Pharmaceutical has created a portable ‘smart’ device called Kubota Glasses, smart glasses that claim to cure myopia without having to undergo surgery. But how do they work?

When you put them on, the glasses project an image from the lens of the device onto the wearer’s retina to correct the refractive error that causes myopia. Wearing the device for 60 to 90 minutes a day corrects myopia, according to the Japanese company, which through new clinical trials is trying to determine how long the effect lasts after the user wears the device, and how many days in total. You must wear the device to achieve permanent correction of myopia.

Correct myopia without operation

To evaluate the effectiveness of the device, Kubota is conducting clinical trials on about 25 people in the US “We plan to sell it first in Asia, where there is a high percentage of people with myopia,” said Nikkei President Ryo Kubota. of the company.


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