Smart glasses monitor everything that happens


A smart glasses kit caught the attention of the web for its promise to increase productivity. The device has a built-in camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify where the user is looking. Focus mode helps the user to focus on a specific activity. It sends audible or visual alerts if the person is looking in the wrong place.

The wearable named Specs was developed by the startup Auctify. The accessory is part of a crowdfunding campaign that has already reached the target of US $ 10,000 (R $ 53,627 in direct conversion) on the Indiegogo platform. To date, the project has raised US $ 29,293 (about R $ 157,145). Those interested in supporting the project must pay US $ 249 (R $ 1,335).

According to the person in charge of the project, Hisham El-Halabi, Specs will be able to identify 20 activities at launch, including reading, writing, looking at the cell phone, laptop, watching TV, doing physical activities, cooking, eating and talking. The user will be able to define how each of them will be categorized, in this way the wearable will be able to define which activities are considered productive for that individual and how they contribute to specific objectives, such as studying, for example.

The device will use a built-in camera and artificial intelligence that will identify where the user is looking. The information will be recorded and sent to an application. The data can be used to determine the time wasted throughout the day.

The device can measure the level of oxygen in the blood and track physical activity, according to the manufacturer. It allows you to listen to music and answer phone calls. It also serves as traditional glasses, accepting corrective lenses.

Auctify ensures that the device does not send photos and videos to any other device. Artificial intelligence uses the images produced by the cameras for visual analysis on the wearable itself, then discarding them. The company also claims that the information on the phone is encrypted.


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