Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II introduced!


Although smart glasses do not gain as much popularity as expected, giant companies are decaying elbows for the development of this technology. As such, new studies of technology giants are also under the spotlight. Huawei continues to contribute to this field with its smart glasses. Huawei Eyewear II was introduced, what are the features of this smart glasses?

What are the features of Huawei Eyewear II?

There have been developments about Google’s smart glasses for a while. On the Huawei side, there are models released to the market. At this point, we saw that the first smart glasses model signed by China-based technology giant Huawei was offered for sale. Not too long ago, a new smart eyewear came out: Called Huawei Eyewear II, this eyewear looks very stylish and looks like a normal pair of glasses when viewed from the outside.

Surprisingly, we saw the company’s first smart glasses at the smartphone event. Huawei even promoted its first smart glasses in collaboration with Gentle Monster. Huawei, which came out with a different version, has not made any major changes in these glasses.

The smart glasses, which are diverse in design, have built-in speakers. In this way, the person wearing the glasses can experience a stereo sound. Of course, you are not traveling like bicycles with speakers that we see outside, only you can hear the sound. In addition, the glasses, which are used to interact with voice assistants, also have touch control features.

Smart glasses have different frame options. At the same time, the box of the glasses with USB-C support can be charged in this way. The smart glasses, which do not have a touch screen, still represent Huawei’s face in wearable technology.

First of all, the first version of the smart glasses was also not available globally, so if a radical decision is not made, the smart glasses will not be sold outside of China. The starting price of the glasses in China is recorded as approximately $ 362.


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