Smart gadgets to buy at Consumer Week


Consumer Day is celebrated on March 15, and was created to reinforce consumer rights. But the date gained another focus when big stores started offering discounts and exclusive promotions for the celebration, which resulted in an even greater repercussion and made the Consumer Day celebrated all month.

And one of the categories that is worth keeping an eye on Consumer Day 2021 is that of smart devices, such as smart speakers, smart lamps and sockets, universal control and many others.

To help you, we have separated some suggestions that you should consider buying if you find any promotion during Consumer Week. Check out.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

Still don’t know what Echo Dot is? This is a smart speaker with Alexa from Amazon that offers a series of functions for those who want to automate the home. With the help of Alexa it is possible to call friends and family, consult information, request music, create alarms and even check the weather forecast.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 has similar functions to the Echo Dot model, including the Alexa assistant, but it has a great advantage: its 5.5-inch screen, which brings more practicality to the information and makes it possible to see content such as series, movies, news and even makes video calls.

Smart Wi-Fi Lamp, Positive Smart Home

How about a smart lamp to automate the lighting of your home? This Positivo model is LED and has 9 Watts, which would be equivalent to a 60 Watt incandescent lamp. Its differentials are the fact that it is easily installed, a long service life, intensity and color adjustment, programmable timer, reduced energy consumption and can be fully controlled by the smartphone or Alexa.

Smart Lamp Yeelight E27

Yeelight is another brand that invests in smart lamps and the model in question stands out for having a connection with the main assistants in the market. It is possible to adjust the brightness, temperature and color of this device through the application or through Alexa and Google Assistant.

The lamp connects directly to the Wi-Fi network, dispensing with any hub to connect to your smartphone. The manufacturer guarantees savings of up to 83% without loss of brightness or quality when compared to an ordinary 60 Watt bulb.

Smart LED Strip, HI by Geonav

Using a colored LED strip is a great way to lighten up environments harmoniously and without spending too much. This Geonav model is 3 meters long, is capable of emitting up to 1440 lumens and can be fully controlled by the Wi-Fi network.

The color of this LED strip is warm white, but it can be configured to display different RGB color combinations. Another interesting aspect is the compatibility with Alexa, being possible to control the lighting and even the creation of scenarios through voice commands.

Universal Intelligent Control, I2GO

This universal control is a kind of hub to centralize all the devices in your smart home. Through this device, it is possible to remotely control the television, air conditioning, home theater and other devices. This model from I2GO is compatible with Alexa and has 360 ° coverage.

Smart Wi-Fi Socket, Multilaser Liv

A smart plug is another efficient way to control other electronics. In addition to turning the devices on and off remotely, it is possible to monitor energy consumption, trigger a timer, create a schedule and even configure specific scenes with other outlets – all through Alexa or an application.

Connected Home Kit, Positive Smart Home

If you are looking for a more complete kit to make your home smart, this Positivo set is a good option. It features a lamp, a socket and a smart centralizer to control all of these devices. Other devices with infrared control can also connect to this hub, such as televisions and air conditioning.

Safe Home Kit, Positive Smart Home

With a focus on safety, this other kit from Positivo is for those who want to increase the protection of their homes. The set consists of an opening sensor (for doors, windows and drawers), a motion sensor and a central to manage all of these devices. A practical remote control also helps to keep all devices connected.

The set can still be installed together with other smart gadgets, creating not only a safe environment, but fully automated and practical.


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