Smart Contract Technology Comes to Cardano This Year


Cardano announced the future of smart contract technology this year. Smart contracts will begin testing privately in April.

The Cardano team shared the developments in the ecosystem at the monthly Cardano360 event. CEO Charles Hoskinson is the name that announced the smart contract technology.

In Cardano’s update report dated March 19, it was stated that “at last” Alonzo work was progressing and the necessary updates were made.

Alonzo gave date for testnet

Hoskinson has set a date for the expected Alonzo hard fork. Saying that the Alonzo testnet will be implemented in late April or early May, Hoskinson said, “So people will be able to start using smart contract technology.” said.

Hoskinson added that the smart contracts will be executed on Cardano’s Plutus platform. He also stated that professional software companies and Plutus developers will test the platform by trying to write various smart contracts such as NFT.

Alonzo’s mainnet date may be delayed

Hoskinson stated that developers will begin testing Alonzo in late May and early June. Then, taking into consideration the updates and partners, he said:

“If our partners like Binance and Coinbase want to make several updates before we put the Alonzo hard fork on the mainnet, we will wait at least 4 weeks.”

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