Small appliances that can replace the stove


One of the main kitchen appliances is the stove. It is with his help that many people cook daily. However, there are those who choose not to cook using a traditional stove, either for practicality or for saving money and space.

In this article, we have separated a list of small appliances that can replace a traditional stove in the kitchen. Of course, this will depend a lot on how you cook and some adjustments may be necessary to use an electric pan or to make an air fryer recipe.

The equipment on the list is more compact, takes up less space and, depending on the use, can be more economical.

Electric oven FR-08, 10L, Mondial

An alternative to the built-in electric oven is this electric model from Mondial. With a capacity of 10 liters and temperature control by thermostat, this appliance is ideal to provide more convenience when preparing and heating food.

The model can also be considered an electric grill, thanks to its retractable tray. This electric oven is still compact (35.4 x 23.4 x 15.9 centimeters) and light (only 2.64 kg).

Conventional Electric Oven, 14L, Black & Decker

Another interesting option for those who do not want to install an electric built-in oven is this model from Black & Decker. It has a larger than normal capacity of 14 liters and a height-adjustable tray, which is good for preparing food simultaneously.

As extras, this electric oven has an audible timer, grill function, waste tray and an accessory to handle the shelves where food is prepared.


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