SM Entertainment to debut new girl group very soon


The K-Pop industry will see the birth of a new girl group under the SM Entertainment label. It has been a few months since rumors of the debut of a new SM Entertainment idol group began to circulate, however Teach M revealed the plans of some of the idol companies in Korea and pointed out that this could happen sooner than expected.

According to their report, SM Entertainment will debut a new girl group after SuperM releases their next album, which will also be their first full album.

If true, the debut of SM Entertainment’s new girl group could occur during the last quarter of the year and announcements for these girls’ first music release would begin shortly.

For now, it is known that this new K-Pop group will have four members, possibly two of whom are foreigners.

Due to the fact that the SM Rookies project allows to meet some of the boys and girls who are trainees of this agency, the rumors about the line-up of the group that will debut have already started, however some of the strongest candidates left the company.

What concept do you think SM Entertainment’s new girl group will show? Tell us in the comments what you expect from this debut and if you would like a particular trainee to debut as part of the lineup.

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