Sly Stone Announces New Memoir With Foreword by Questlove


Later this year, Sly Stone will release a new memoir featuring Questlove.

The upcoming book is due to be released on October 17 and will give an unprecedented look at the personal life of the funk icon. It will also have a foreword by the legendary American musician Questlove.

The book titled “Thank You” (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin): memoirs tells about the musician’s personal life first-hand and tells anecdotes from his 50-year stay in the music industry.

“For as long as I can remember, people have been asking me to tell my story, I wasn’t ready,” he said. “I had to be in a new mood to be Sylvester Stewart again, to tell the true story of Sly Stone. It’s been a wild ride and hopefully my fans will enjoy it too.”

The memoirs, to be published by White Rabbit Books, were written with the help of Ben Greenman, who wrote memoirs with George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and others.

In addition to telling about some of his most famous tracks, including “Everyday People” and “If You Want Me To Stay”, the release will also shed light on the reasons why the musician disappeared from the public eye. These include his gradual addiction to heavy drugs and his struggle to rebuild himself in the 1980s.

“I fell in love with Sly Stone as a teenager and have been obsessed with his music and the mysterious story of his life ever since,” said White Rabbit publisher Lee Braxton. “It just couldn’t be more or more exciting than this: a true genius, a visionary of funk who reset the scale in the late 60s and thereby foresaw the coming revolution in hip-hop. This book delivers and then goes again.”

“Thank You” (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) will be released in hardcover, export paperback, e-book and audio formats at a price of 25 pounds.

This is not the first time Questlove has participated in a project about Sly Stone. Back in 2021, the musician confirmed that he would make a documentary about the founder of Sly And The Family Stone called Summer Of Soul.

In addition, in 2015, Sly Stone received unpaid fees in the amount of 3.3 million pounds. Here it was discovered that his former manager and lawyer had been stealing money from him for more than ten years between 1989 and 2000.


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