Sludge Life, by Devolver Digital, is prohibited for sale in Australia


Sludge Life, One of Devolver Digital’s weirdest games, Sludge Life ended up being banned in Australia, which refused to issue an age rating for the game on the Nintendo Switch. The problem seems to be motivated by the use of drugs in the title, which served as a pretext for its censorship.

It’s worth noting that the country had also refused to release the award-winning Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for the same reasons, until a re-evaluation last month allowed the game to be sold only to over 18s.

Strangely, the Steam version of the game is commercialized normally, with all its thematic glory of vandalism, drugs, eschatological humor and even animals with two anus. So it is.

For all the controversy, Sludge Life looks at least a little fun and currently scores 73 on the Metacritic review aggregator. Did you already know this release so unusual? What did you think of this controversy? Comment below!


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