Slow notebook causes drop in productivity


Are you stressed when using a slow computer that takes time to perform a simple action, such as loading a browser page? Don’t you like to wait several minutes for the system to start up and be ready for you to do your activities? Of course, this is not a surprise, since nobody should like this type of situation.

With that in mind, Dell was able to establish a relationship between the level of stress and the use of bad and buggy computers and systems.

Brain On Tech

A study by Dell Technologies in partnership with EMOTIV, a leader in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčneuroscience and bioinformatics solutions, mapped how technology affects workers’ productivity and well-being. It was not new that bad systems and devices could be harmful in both aspects, but now there is scientific proof of this.

The global study was named Brain On Tech. According to the results, professionals who need to deal with bad, slow and buggy computers take about 40% more time to perform tasks compared to those who use a modern PC with adequate software and services.

Brain On Tech also found the opposite relationship. Ideal equipment can save professionals up to 23 minutes per hour. This is equivalent to 37% (or 15 hours) of the 40 hours of work per week.

It is also important to highlight that the study identified that young professionals “suffer” more when dealing with outdated technologies. Participants under 26 years of age performed twice as poorly, on average, when compared to people aged 26 to 35 when using poor technological resources.

The relationship with stress

We already know that using outdated devices can be stressful, but how problematic can that become in the long run? Brain On Tech reveals that those who experience moments of high stress due to technological problems take three times as long to relax and recover from the effects of this workday – even listening to relaxing music.

Employees who had to deal with slow systems and devices said they felt twice as stressed. The study also found discomfort almost 30% greater than for those who were invited to play a song in public.

In addition to pointing out the negative aspects, Brain On Tech showed the positive reinforcement that using suitable systems provides. The study found that using ideal tools for the job – after a stressful experience with a failed computer – was just as exciting for the person as watching a puppy video. Surprisingly, the move to a better PC produced more enthusiasm in the participants than receiving a financial reward after the experiments.


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