Slide Leaking to Seriously Seriousness of Corona Virus


The measures to be taken against the Corona virus, which is spreading day by day and causing more people to die, are also being discussed in hospitals. The American Hospitals Association made an informative presentation on the Corona virus.

Corona virus, which caused the deaths of more than 3,600 people worldwide, was transmitted to 447 people in the USA and killed 19 people. In the USA, the number of cases and deaths is increasing day by day, hospitals are also overflowing.

Representing thousands of hospitals and health systems, the American Hospital Association organized an online seminar for member hospitals and health systems in February. At the seminar, a presentation was made to inform the hospitals about the Corona virus.

Preparation for corona virus
According to the news in Business Insider, representatives of the National Ebola Training and Training Center made a presentation titled “What Health Service Managers Should Know: Preparation for COVID-19” on February 26.

Professor Dr. at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. James Lawler shared his predictions about how the virus would spread in the USA as part of the presentation to the hospitals. Lawler’s forecasts are as follows;

4.8 million hospitalization cases related to Corona virus
96 million cases across the USA
480 thousand deaths
Hospitals should be ready for a 10 times the impact of a harsh flu season
While the presentation did not provide a precise timeframe for when these forecasts would come true, it was also stated that these estimates could change with new information to come.

The American Hospital Association said in a statement that what was said in the presentation reflects the opinions of the experts in these discourses and does not reflect the general opinion of the union. Lawler is not alone, however, that the virus will spread over a wide area. Harvard University Epidemiology (Epidemics Science) Professor Marc Lipstich stated that 40% to 70% of people in the world will be affected by the Corona virus.


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