Slender: The Arrival Arrives Also Scaring The Cell Phone


Slender: The Arrival: Independent producer Blue Isle Studios announced today (13) the release of Slender: The Arrival for iOS and Android. The new mobile version promises to deliver the experience seen on PC and consoles now “in the palm of your hand”.

The release arrives just in time for Halloween, and in the game players must survive the visit of the mythical Slender Man, a tall, faceless, black-clad creature who has dominated the internet with scary stories. The new version of The Arrival features leaderboards, having daily, weekly and lifetime leaderboards to compete with friends online.

According to the producer, the title is the only official Slender Man game and puts players “at the epicenter of an enigmatic internet myth” in an adventure of “sensory deprivation with a horror-laden story, full of terrifying visions”, designed to create a “healthy dose of tension and paranoia”. In the game, the monster often chases players, which in itself should provide a good amount of scares.

The title was developed by Blue Isle Studios in partnership with Eric “Victor Surge” Knudsen, the creator of the monster Slender Man; and Mark Hadley, creator of the Slender: The Eight Pages phenomenon, a game that helped popularize the character’s myth.

Slender: The Arrival is now available on the App Store and Google Play, with the first chapter of the adventure downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices.


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