Sleepwalker: Marvel superhero wins series made by fans


Another Marvel superhero won his live-action series. But calm down, we’re not talking about a new Disney + program, but the series made by a group of fans, called Sleepwalker. The production features the story of one of Marvel’s lesser-known superheroes, the Sleepwalker, and had its first episode released directly on YouTube.

The Sleepwalker was a hero created by Bob Budiansky with the aim of making a story about how the impact of an alien’s coming to Earth would be on humanity, however, without him having a “good look”, like that of Superman.

Sleepwalker has good intentions, however, he ends up terrorizing the people he tries to help, thanks to his green skin and his bulging and shiny eyes.

Check out the official description of the project

“Sleepwalker, an alien from a dimension called Mindscape, entered the mind of student Rick Sheridan. Without his knowledge, when Rick sleeps, the Sleepwalker can get out of his mind and roam the Earth. The sleepwalker belongs to a race of beings that patrol Mindscape protecting all innocent minds from creatures that seek to enter and poison the thoughts of any and all inhabitants.

A cast of colorful characters brings a story that takes place in New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood. In the pilot episode, we met 8-Ball, a disgruntled scientist whose ambitions outweighed his obedience and he does not plan to give up on his plans to come to power ”.

Watch the full episode:

Sleepwalker is an independent production led by filmmakers Josh Noftz and Joe Bariso, who paid for the pilot episode from their own pocket. Now, the duo is thinking of launching a crowdfunding for the realization of new chapters.


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