Sleeper tabs and password manager for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft is releasing new and colorful themes for the Edge web browser this week. In addition, it announced the sleeper tabs feature and updated icons that increase the internet browser and general PC performance. These new themes, presented to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, can be downloaded from the Edge extensions site.

The themes range from simple colors to themes from Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon. These new themes feature colors in new tab pages, tabs, address bar and other parts of the Edge browser.

Also, Microsoft is updating the icons used in the Edge to better fit the company’s Fluent Design system. “In our latest release, you’ll notice subtle updates to icons in Microsoft Edge that look rounder and softer,” said Liat Ben-Zur, a Microsoft manager working on the company’s “Modern Life” initiative. he spoke. “This is just the beginning of our design journey and we’re already imagining how we can bring Fluent design to all of our products. We look forward to sharing our vision in more ways in the near future. ”

New performance and security features for Microsoft Edge

The overall look and feel of Edge may be changing, but Microsoft is adding some useful features as well. A new sleeper tabs feature is available and aims to improve the performance of the browser. Now Edge will automatically free up system resources for inactive tabs when you have several tabs open, which will help new tabs work better. In addition, it will prevent the browser from consuming memory and CPU resources in the background.

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In addition, Microsoft is taking steps to introduce new password manager features. Microsoft Edge will automatically start suggesting a secure and complex password when you sign up for a new website or try to change an existing password. Additionally, Edge will gain a new password monitoring feature that will alert you if your password is leaked online.

If that’s not enough, Edge history and tab sync are finally available to everyone this week. These features were rolling out in a number of countries earlier this month. With this feature, Microsoft Edge will finally allow Microsoft Edge users to sync all web histories and active tabs across multiple devices, including iOS and Android devices.


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