Slaxx: killer jeans horror movie gets trailer


The film Slaxx, a Canadian horror comedy about killer jeans (that’s right, and still makes sounds!), Got its official trailer. Shudder, AMC’s streaming platform focused on supernatural suspense and horror titles, announced that the attraction will arrive in the catalog on March 18, a time when it will surely enter the trash hall of fame.

The story revolves around possessed pants – not suitable for 16-year-olds -, which comes to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a fashionable clothing company. Sent to the company’s main store, it will cause a carnage in the team that works on site during the night of preparations for the launch of the new collection.

Soon, a newly hired employee – called Libby (played by Romane Denis) – and her colleagues will be terrified and must fight for her survival. It will be up to her to discover the reason behind the pants’ bloodlust, before her illness is released to the world. Enjoy:

With absurd and gore scenes, the preview highlights the piece that promises to kill people in style in a clothing store. The video, dressed in funny and frightening situations, still satirizes other features of the genre. An important detail for fashion lovers: the Canadian jeans brand Naked & Famous designed and manufactured the “deadly” pants.

Slaxx is directed by Elza Kephart (Graveyard Alive), who also signs the script alongside Patricia Gomez (Blood Clots). Anne-Marie Gélinas and Shaked Berenson, Turbo Kid duo, will be in charge of production in partnership with EMAFilms and Horror Collective, with visual effects from Blood Brothers FX. The attraction will be launched exclusively on the streaming service, however, the platform is only available in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The 77-minute title has already been shown at international film festivals specializing in the horror and fantasy genres, such as the Fantasia International Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest and Sitges Film Festival. His criticisms highlighted the amusing and unpretentious tone, full of bloody moments and flying body parts.


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