Slapgate 2.0? Twitter Urges People to Stand Up to The “Fresh Prince of Wales” For His Will Smith-Like Actions


The year 2022 was pretty good. From Will Smith’s Oscar Slapgate to Putin’s offensive in Ukraine, the world is still recovering from its most infamous but comical tragedies. On the other hand, British members of the royal family have struggled and are still struggling with their own crisis, and no, this is not the queen’s demise. And here we are in 2023, and the string of bombs that destroy the royal family from time to time does not seem to end, the fiasco revolves around Harry and William.


When we began to expect the end of Russia’s war with Ukraine, the British Prince Harry attacked his family. The Duke of Sussex has carried out the most brutal attack on his brother, Prince William. Or many may treat it as the other way around.


According to his own words in his autobiography “Spare”, Prince William knocked Harry down in a physical altercation in London, when the latter branded Meghan Markle with several rude swear words. Meanwhile, Twitter seems to have launched a memo to inflamed fans.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s Spat Just Left Twitter on the Lane of Memories

Amid the royal conflict, one tweet has blown up the internet since the public found out about the Raw between the Royal brothers. A user named Nicola Thorpe has dealt a blow to the dark community of social media platforms, provoking people to join their forces. The tweet mentions Will Smith’s Oscar Slapgate and recalls how Twitteratis stormed the platform in the early 2022s.

It said: “People who grabbed their pearls after Will Smith’s slap in the face, it would be better to give the same energy to the fresh Prince of Wales.” Without a doubt, it was a call to those millions of people who turned against the star of King Richard Will Smith when he knocked out Chris Rock in front of the whole world. The similarity to the Royal rivalry has added fuel to the fire. The tweet had just provoked hundreds of Sussex fans who were already furious at the extraordinary inhumane actions of the future king.


The same thing managed to get more than a million views in a few hours as part of the download. Hundreds of people have commented on the same thing, asking Prince William to do his best.

There is a huge difference between coincidence and correlation, and apparently the Tweeters have succeeded in the latter. What do you think about this?


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