Slack will bring story and push to talk features to users


Slack is preparing to offer story and push-to-talk features to its users before 2020 ends. Both features were prepared in order to better adapt to the new working order passed with the coronavirus epidemic. Slack aims to prevent continuous video calls and inefficient text messages with its new features. The new features aim to bring back the in-office communication habits that people long for, albeit partially.

At the center of Instagram stories is people sharing their daily life experiences with family members and friends. In Slack, it is envisaged that stories will be used for status updates, quickly setting a new agenda or reporting a task.

Speaking to The Verge website, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield evaluated the story feature with the following words: “It will be like stories on Instagram or Snapchat. But it will be in Slack. It was joking that all software will soon have this feature, and I was finding it funny. But the change in our view of work during the pandemic shows that this is the time for us. ”

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Butterfield states that instead of holding a 15-minute meeting, a short video can be shot and this will eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings. How the story format will be presented in Slack is still being tested. However, the platform aims to “make the updates more humane” with these short videos that will be shown right next to the channels.

Another innovation that Slack is preparing to present is its push-to-talk feature. With this feature, users will be able to quickly communicate with their teammates effortlessly.

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Butterfield evaluated this feature with the following words: “The main idea is… We already have channels. It can be very laborious to start or schedule a conversation. Sometimes, we may feel the need to call each other just as if we were in the same office. We want to meet this need and to relive this experience. ”

Slack emphasizes that the story and push-to-talk features are still in the prototype stage. Butterfield states that these features will meet users before 2020 ends. This means that Slack users can take advantage of new possibilities within 2.5 months at worst.


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