Slack, Useful Notification Feature Brought To Status Determination


Slack is the feature brought in. Slack has added a small but welcome new feature. When setting up a status message, you can check a box in the same menu to pause notifications as long as this status is on.

Previously, it was necessary to click a second menu to pause notifications, and sometimes forgetting to turn them off. This new checkbox will save users some time and help remind them to pause notifications when they need it.

Slack says this feature is being gradually rolled out to all users, so there might be Slack users who haven’t seen it yet. If you want to see if you have benefited from this innovation, go to the “Set status” menu, “What’s your status?” Go to the field and then type your situation or choose one of the options. You should see a checkbox titled “Pause notifications”. Check this and when you save your status you will not receive notifications while the status is active.


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