Slack Has Updated Its Interface To Make It Easy To Use


Popular communication and messaging app Slack is making important changes to its interface. The changes aimed at making it easier to use Slack were introduced to new users today.

Slack makes big design changes in the popular communication app. With the update released today, the company has completely revamped the app with better sidebar customizations, new buttons and many more.

The biggest change in Slack was made in the sidebar. Messages, channels, and apps will now be collapsed in Slack’s sidebar. You will also be able to place channels and group conversations in a single section and drag them anywhere in the sidebar. Unfortunately, new sidebar features will only be available for paid plans.

A large compose button has also come to the sidebar, allowing you to start a new message. You will be able to send a created message as a DM or directly to a Slack channel. Slack will display a message you wrote as a draft in the message history unless you press the send button.

Searching for people and channels has also become easier on Slack. You will now be able to find channel pings and people to whom you want to send messages in the sidebar. You will also be able to customize the width of the sidebar and change its color with 11 new themes.

Slack’s new top navigation bar will also help you search Slack. Using the new navigation bar, you will be able to quickly switch between channels and private messages in Slack. You’ll be able to use the keyboard shortcuts or mouse buttons you use to go back in the web browser in these transitions.

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In addition, Slack makes a lot of minor changes to its entire interface. Slack notes that its current design is complex and aims to make the application as easy to use as anyone can make with changes.

Slack presents its new design to the users as of today. The company presents the changing interface to new users first due to the increase in the transition to the remote system after the corona virus epidemic. The new interface will be available to all users in the coming weeks.


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