Slack stops sending a DM to any user due to abuse


Messenger Slack went back and removed a new role from the application on the same day of its implementation.

The novelty was called Connect DM and it allowed a user to send a direct private message (DM) to anyone who has a Slack account – even if they don’t work with you or are in the same environment as the platform.

It is an extension of Slack Connect, which makes different sectors of a company or stages of a service talk to each other.

In the case of DMs, an email invitation asking for authorization to chat was enough for a chat window to be created.

It was bad

The company’s idea was to make you communicate with other people in the corporate world just by the application’s ecosystem, but it did not have possible misuse of this function.

Quickly, several people noticed that it was possible to send an invitation to anyone containing offensive, abusive or hate speech language, in addition to creating a channel to send adult content.

Since the message is hidden until you accept the order and the sending is done by a code generated by Slack, there was no way for you to know if the message is serious or a joke.

“After implementing direct messages on Slack Connect this morning, we received valuable feedback from our users on how email invitations can potentially be used to send abusive or threatening messages. We are taking immediate steps to prevent this type of abuse, starting today with the removal of the ability to personalize a message when the user invites someone to the Slack Connect DMs, “a company spokesman explained to The Verge.

It is possible for Slack to redo the tool and include filters or some form of moderation before returning it to the application.


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