Slack removes company limit on message feature


He took action to remove the boundaries in the Slack DM feature. Slack users who are no longer working in the same company will be able to send messages to each other through the platform. Slack, who made the first statement on the subject in October, developed this feature in order to strengthen the communication of the collaborating companies. However, making it easier for Slack users to contact each other is also among the purposes.

At the heart of the renewed DM experience is Slack’s Connect platform, which was introduced last year. Slack Connect was also developed for companies to work together through common channels. Intercompany messaging is also defined as Connect’s new big link.

A special connection is required to start chatting via DM. It is stated that depending on the usage structure of Slack companies, administrator approval may be required in order to benefit from this feature.

Paid Slack users will be able to benefit from the Slack Connect DM feature as of today. Those who do not pay any fee to Slack have to wait a little longer to take advantage of this opportunity.


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