Slack now lets you message anyone


Slack is starting to introduce a new feature that allows anyone using the service to message each other. Announced in October, Slack Connect DM will allow users to send private messages to employees outside of the company. Designed for companies that work with partners or customers, the feature can even be used to send messages to friends at other companies.

Free users will be able to benefit from the feature

The new DM feature is based on the same working logic as Connect, which Slack unveiled last year. Slack Connect was primarily designed to allow businesses to work together through shared channels. Cross-agency DMs are designed as the next big piece of Connect.

DMs work by sending a special link to start a conversation. Also note that depending on how your organization has set up Slack, the feature may require Slack administrator approval. Paid Slack users will be able to access their Slack Connect DMs today. However, the company says it plans to roll it out to all teams, including free users, soon.

Slack is also working on a new way to connect multiple organizations to create a private business network. This feature will be released later this year and will include unified directories, channel discovery, and shared apps.


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